PERNUMPASS is your mobile ID Card with Maximum Privacy and Maximum Data Security.

Simply activate your PERNUMPASS, verify your identity, and save your pass on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device.

Now you can identify yourself at participating shops and events without revealing your personal data.

You don’t even need to have Internet connection, because the verification process is done by the business you are dealing with.

Collect Digital Cashback, get your event tickets, qualify for discounts, win prizes at raffles without sharing any personal data.


While other companies collect as much data as possible and create secret profiles about you, we respect your privacy and keep all your data military-grade encrypted.

We do not collect any of your data besides what needs to be known to verify your identity and never share any of your data with any third party.

Only you decide which data shall be shared, for example your shipping address when you order something at an online shop.

Thus, you are always in control of your data!